Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Even more new trees for De Beauvoir

Hackney are planting even more new street trees in De Beauvoir as part of Hackney Labour's manifesto pledge to plant 1000 new trees (a pledge met in February this year).

The latest streets scheduled for planting are:
Ardleigh Road - 10 new trees
Buckingham Road - 27 new trees
Culford Road/Lawford Road - 9 new trees
De Beauvoir Road - 30 new trees
Downham Road - 13 new trees
Southgate Road - 2 new trees
Southgate Grove - 9 new trees
St Peters Way - 3 new trees
Bridport Place - 2 new trees *

If you'd like a new tree on your street, let us know.

* On Bridport Place, Hackney have also resurfaced the pavement with the installation of new roadside seating


Anonymous said...


I think Ufton Road could do with some attention to it's Greenery!


Anonymous said...

those trees on De Beauvoir Road are lovely

Anonymous said...

thank you for those trees

Local councillors said...

The trees really do look good.

We'll see what we can do about Ufton Road. Please email us with more details