Thursday, 7 January 2010

Fight the Boris bus fare rises

People in Hackney returned to work this week to be hit by the biggest fare increases in real terms in Transport for London’s history.

People in Hackney are amongst the hardest hit in London, with surveys showing 82 per cent of residents are regular bus users.

The Tory Mayor’s fare hikes mean single bus fares have risen 20% - from £1 to £1.20

Weekly bus passes will also increase by over 20%, from £13.80 to £16.60

Launching a campaign against the fare rises – Be Fare Boris - Mayor of Hackney, Jules Pipe, said: “We are working hard for our residents through the recession, which is why I am proposing to the Council to freeze our share of the Council Tax next year for the fifth year in a row.

“Boris Johnson’s proposals threaten to undermine that support by hitting residents who have no choice about how to get to work.”

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