Sunday, 10 July 2011

De Beauvoir Party in the Park 2011 - a great success!

Once again, the De Beauvoir Party in Park was a great success with the De Beauvoir Square thronging with people throughout Saturday afternoon. Thanks to everyone who was involved in organising - and congratulations to the De Beauvoir Association for organising a great event. And, finally, thank you to weather for keeping the rain away for one day at least!

The photos below give a flavour of the day itself:

The Square in all its glory.

The outstanding brass band that provided a musical accompaniment to proceedings.

Thanks to the Fire Service for making an appearance.

And to the police!

Meg Hillier MP and De Beauvoir Councillors Rob, Gulay and Tom at the Party in the Park - enjoying the ice cream and already looking forward to next year.

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