Friday, 10 February 2012

New Barclays Cycle Hire Station at Britannia Leisure Centre - but when will it open?

As you may have seen, the new TFL cycle-hire station has now been installed on the pavement outside Britannia Leisure Centre.

Last year we pressed for TfL to assign their cycle-hire expansion budget to De Beauvoir and, having listened to our call, it's good to see the station now finally becoming a reality.

However, the site is yet to open. The stands themselves have now been in place for more than two weeks and we've been given no timetable for them being 'switched on'. Its really disappointing to have TfL drag their feet in actually getting it ready for use.

We've written to TfL expression our unhappiness at the delay and asking for a clear statement of when the stand will open - we'll let you know when we receive a response.


Anonymous said...

Looks like 8 March is the date. Was hoping the expansion would reach as far as Dalston but alas not. The Britannia Leisure Centre docking still an improvement. Good work.

Cllr Tom Ebbutt said...

Thanks - we've updated the blog to match.