Sunday, 16 March 2014

De Beauvoir Ward Forum: De Beauvoir Community First – Monday March 24th 7pm

Thank you to everyone who managed to make it along to our ward forums focusing on the Regents Canal. Our next De Beauvoir Ward Forum is fast approaching and will focus on De Beauvoir Community First and how we can make sure it has the greatest possible positive impact on our area - please do come along and join the discussion.

Community First is a Cabinet Office funded grant scheme focused on the poorest areas in the UK. In De Beauvoir, we've been awarded £30,000 to distribute to residents and community groups to make our community better and stronger.

Over the past two years De Beauvoir's Community First Panel has awarded more than £10,000 to projects in our local area, including a slalom course in Kingsland Basin, a herb garden on Hobbs Place Estate and a computer training scheme on Whitmore Estate. You can find out more about the work done so far here.

We now want to ensure that the next two years build on this success. Please join us to ensure you're part of shaping how we invest the final £20,000 in our community.

We'll be meeting at 7pm on March 24th at the Rose Lipman Centre on Downham Road. We'll be joined by Community First Panel members and local community groups, and together we'll work to shape where we head over the next two years.

If you'd like to come along, to allow us to gauge numbers it would be great if you could sign up here to let us know.

The De Beauvoir Ward Forum is open to anyone who lives or works in De Beauvoir so please do pass on this invite to anyone you think may be interested.

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