Monday, 28 January 2008

Solar panels

Some residents have asked us to investigate whether it’s possible to put solar panels on the roofs of De Beauvoir houses. The response from the council’s planning chief is that the installation of solar panels in valley roofs can be suitable in the kind of houses we have in the area as they are likely to be visually less intrusive than installing them on a pitched roof.

But, you’d have to consider:
- The angle of the roof and orientation of the building. Solar panels should be pitched at a 45 degree angle for optimal solar gain.
- Solar shading from adjacent roofs and buildings could affect the output from the panels.
- The load bearing capacity of the roof, particularly with regard to solar hot water systems, will need to be verified to ensure that the panels are safely supported.

Grants are available for up to £2500 for homeowners through the Low Carbon Building Programme for the installation of renewable technologies. You can get more info at: