Monday, 18 February 2008

Improvements to Shoreditch Park

A Design Statement and Master Plan has been prepared by Levitt Bernstein (Landscape Architects jointly engaged by The Council and the Shoreditch Trust). This plan has taken into account the feedback from extensive community consultation and has now been agreed as the blueprint against which the park will be developed.

Specific features include:

· The incorporation of a pilot scheme using low energy consumption LED lighting columns as opposed to standard luminaries in partnership with the manufacturer
· Amendments to the contractor’s facilities so as to allow the early creation of a Ranger facility to allow a permanent presence in the park
· Amendments to the fencing to the Adventure Playground to improve sightlines
· The inclusion of the John Frankland Installation as a public art/climbing installation; this to be externally funded.

The first phase of work, to be completed by March 2008, includes the following:
· Removal of derelict redgra sports pitches and replacement with turf
· Tree and shrub maintenance to improve sightlines and safety
· Installation of two permanent services points to enable future events in the park
· Creation of new main axis pathway
· Creation of additional pathways to create pathway network and recognise current patterns of use
· Improvements to Main Entrances