Saturday, 14 June 2008

20% increase in estate recycling facilities

Recycling on estates is changing as the Council continues to seek better ways to help residents in flats do their bit for the environment.

Currently, the majority of estates are served by fixed place recycling banks.

Last year however, the Council began trials of different types of collection schemes for estates. Hackney was one of the few local authorities in the country to test the effectiveness of door-to-door collections on estates.

Unfortunately, door-to-door collections for most higher level flats were vetoed by London Fire Brigade, who fear boxes or bags could cause an obstruction during a fire.

While Hackney looks for another solution, councillors have successfully pushed for 20% increase in recycling bins on our estates. We've also insisted that people living in some street level properties on estates can get a recycling Green Box and Blue Bin food waste collection from their front door.

If you have any ideas yourself on how we increase recycling on estates, please get in touch.

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