Thursday, 15 January 2009

De Beauvoir police close crack den

Officers from De Beauvoir Safer Neighbourhoods Team have worked in partnership with Operation Crackdown and Hackney Homes (Hackney Council's partner for housing) to secure a closure order on a crack house on Balls Pond Road.

Officers raided the address and found a substantial amount of drug paraphernalia. Four kitchen knives were also recovered at the property under a mattress in the bedroom.

In court, Hackney police were able to show that there were drugs at the address via the large amount of equipment found during execution of the warrant. Police also proved that the property has links to issues with drug dealing on Balls Pond Road.

The occupant has now been evicted and the basement flat has now been boarded up and closure orders posted up. Residents in the area thanked officers for closing down this venue.

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