Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Rent reduction for Council tenants in Hackney

ALL Council tenants in Hackney will pay reduced rent from June, due to a Government rethink following pressure from council leaders in London.

The original rent increase of 6.2% will now be cut to 3%, making a saving for tenants of more than £120.

The Government had announced this reduction in March, but like all local authorities, Hackney had already set its rents and the decision came too late to change them in time for the first payment dates.

From June this year, Council tenants in Hackney will make reduced payments, while the initial payment will also be refunded.

Hackney's Mayor, Jules Pipe, said: “I welcome the change of heart from central Government. In difficult times, Hackney Council is on your side - we are passing on the reduced rent payment as soon as we can, and we'll also refund the over-payments. Over the course of the year this reduction will save the average tenant more than £120.”

De Beauvoir tenants who have queries about their rent payments should contact Hackney Homes on: 020 8356 3691.

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Clovis said...

If the council were truly on tenants' side, then they would have resisted the move to raise social housing rents to the same level as comparable housing association properties in the same area with the same vigour as you claim they resisted this rent rise.