Thursday, 11 June 2009

Greener Hackney - roofs and streetlights

A rooftop on one of Hackney's estates is set to come alive with wildlife after being covered with a blanket of greenery.

The flat roof of one of the buildings has been transformed as part of Hackney Homes’ Decent Homes programme.

Labour Councillor, Sophie Linden, Cabinet Member for Sustainability said: “The roofs improve Hackney’s landscape, and the added insulation could help cut energy costs, can encourage wildlife and help our drive to make Hackney greener and cleaner.”

If you're interested in a project like this, your De Beauvoir councillors are keen to support you. Get in touch.


Street lighting in Hackney is set to get brighter and more energy-efficient as trials for new products begin.

Using light emitting diodes (LEDs), will make footpaths brighter and aid safety after dark. Lanterns illuminated by LEDs burn for up to 100,000 hours, which could also significantly reduce annual maintenance costs.

LED lights burn for up to 100,000 hours and can reduce costs

Alleys and communal areas with low lighting have already been identified as the first sites that could benefit from the new technology. The latest trials follow smaller installations of LED street lighting in our very own Shoreditch Park.

Five manufacturers of LEDs have been invited to supply equipment. The product that provides the best levels of lighting and most favourable feedback from residents is likely to be used in the long-term throughout the borough.

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