Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Big improvement in Hackney GCSE results

The trend in Hackney’s schools provisional GCSE results is up, in some cases dramatically so. Haggerston, Hackney Free and Parochial and Cardinal Pole have all improved by 10% or more on the new tougher measure of pupils who get five A* to C GCSE’s including English and Maths. Mossbourne Community Academy has raised the bar for all schools in Hackney with 84% of its pupils achieving this result. The average for Hackney in 2009 is 52% which is better than last years national average of 47.6% . The full set of provisional results is:


Cardinal Pole                                                           51%

Clapton Girls                                                           49%

Hackney Free and Parochial                                31%

Haggerston Girls                                                    49%

Mossbourne Community Academy                     84%

Our Lady’s Convent                                                69%

Skinner’s Company School for Girls                    30%

Stoke Newington Media and Arts College        48%

Yesodey Hatorah School for Girls                       83%


Your councillors welcome this big improvement. Rob Chapman said “These results are a real credit to the pupils and teachers of Hackney”. For the first time next year Haggerston School plans to take boys as well as girls. This will help ease the pressure on De Beauvoir parents who want to send their children to Hackney schools.

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