Monday, 2 November 2009

Not so funny Boris puts bus fares up 20%

At the latest meeting of all local councillors, De Beauvoir Councillor, Rob Chapman, put down a motion calling on all political parties to unite around a campaign to oppose Boris Johnson's plans for massive hikes in Hackney bus fares.

Under Tory plans, single bus fares will rise 20%, from £1 to £1.20

Weekly bus passes will also increase by over 20%, from £13.80 to £16.60

What's more, the Tory Mayor plans a reduction in service levels.

These price hikes and service cuts will hit those in low paid jobs or part time work the hardest.

Bus fare rises praised by Hackney Tories

During the debate in the Council chamber, Hackney's Tory group of councillors actually praised Boris's plans, refusing to stand up for Hackney residents. At one point the Leader of the Group said 'ask the public' what they think about the fare rises.

We're clear that the fare increases and cuts to bus routes will have a big impact on Hackney residents. What do you think?

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