Thursday, 15 April 2010

Labour's Manifesto for Hackney

Over the next few weeks, you will not only select a Member of Parliament, but decide who oversees and sets the direction for local services in Hackney – the borough’s executive mayor and your three De Beauvoir councillors, all four of them directly elected by you.

Today, Jules Pipe launches Hackney Labour's manifesto. It's a detailed document setting out exactly what Labour wants to do to build on the progress made in our Bourough.

Highlights of some of our commitments are:

* make it easier for people to report anti social behaviour and noise nuisance
* launch a campaign for responsible dog ownership
* commit to further support for victims of domestic violence
* increase drug and alcohol treatment places by 10%
* we will plant at least another 1,000 street trees
* we will look to expand our recycling service further
* all residential streets will be covered by a 20mph speed limit by 2014
* we will look to support those residents who want to grow more of their own food
* continue to provide free swimming for children and the elderly
* continue to work with the Hackney Empire to ensure it reopens
* we will complete the rebuilding or refurbishment of all our secondary schools
* six primary schools will be rebuilt or refurbished to the highest standards
* we will open five new youth centres
* we will complete Decent Homes on our estates by 2013
* we will use all our powers to bring empty properties back into use
* by 2013 - we will have created 100 council apprenticeships
* we'll increase the number of council services available online

Click here to download the manifesto in full:

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