Thursday, 18 November 2010

Office for Civil Society consultation on improving support for frontline organisations

The Office for Civil society has launched a consultation to get your thoughts and ideas on the role it can play in ensuring that civil society in England is supported and encouraged in the coming years. In particular, it looks to find out what help, support and and influence would help it to respond to the current public sector cuts and take up the additional responsibilities that the new government is seeking to place upon it.

The consultation asks for your specific feedback on proposals in six key areas:
  • Easier access to advice through online services
  • Access to wider sources of support, particularly from the private sector
  • Direct support to frontline organisations through bursaries
  • Consolidation of support services through merger and collaboration
  • Local public sector partnerships
  • Partnerships between Central Government and national infrastructure organisations.
Hackney, as an area with a vibrant and wide-ranging third- and voluntary-sector, should ensure that it's voice is heard in the consultation, and that our views and needs are reflected in the responses.

To respond visit to download the consultation document and send your response.

The consultation is open until 6 January 2011.

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