Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dog control in Hackney - what do you think?

The Council has launched a consultation on dog control in Hackney and is asking for your views.

Whilst the vast majority of dog owners are responsible and ensure their dogs are well behaved and controlled, many people in Hackney get in touch with the Council to express their concerns about irresponsible dog ownership, particularly around dogs off their leads and aggressive dogs.

The Council is currently looking to address these concerns. As part of deciding on the best way forward, it has launched a consultation on the proposed introduction of a number of different Dog Control Orders.

The orders being consulted on are:
  • 'dog exclusion' order, which would enable the Council to stop dogs from entering certain areas including children's playgrounds, sports courts, multi-use games areas, and marked pitches where games are in-play
  • 'dogs on leads' order, which would stop owners from exercising dogs off-lead on roads or towpaths or in car parks, communal areas on estates, churchyards and small public parks and gardens under half a hectare in size
  •  A 'dogs on leads where requested' order, which would give officers the power to request that dogs are put on leads where they are not under the appropriate control of their owner, or where they are causing damage or acting aggressively.

The consultation forms part of a wider educational programme which aims to promote responsible dog ownership and support dog owners. The Council is currently working with a number of organisations, including the Dogs Trust, to provide information and advice about dog training, pet care and to micro-chip 250 dogs free of charge. As part of this, the following events are being held:
  • 2-6pm on 15 June in St John at Hackney Churchyard
  • 2-6pm on 6 July in Hackney Downs
  • 2-4pm on 9 July at St John at Hackney Churchyard

You can respond to the consultation, and find more information, on the Council’s website.  The consultation runs until August 14th.

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