Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Duke of York- Licensing hours cut

Many local residents and users of this blog were very concerned about the proposal to extend the opening hours of the Duke of York pub in Downham Road to 5am (reported below). There were fears that the extended hours would see noise nuisance and anti-social behaviour causing disturbance all through the early hours of the morning.
Following wide spread objections from the local community, supported by your local Labour councillors, Hackney's licensing committee have determined that much shorter opening hours will apply. In accordance with normal council policy the pub will now have to close by midnight at the latest, and conditions have been applied to limit potential noise or nuisance.
The new owners have assured residents that they will work closely with local people to ensure that the pub is run in a way that is sensitive to their needs.They have a track record of running licensed premises in Hackney, understood to be "Off Broadway" in Broadway Market. They have also promised a much higher quality establishment than we have seen on the site before.
Hackney Council licensing officers and the Police will monitor events closely.

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