Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Statement on last night's events

We are shocked and appalled by the events that took place in Hackney last night. There is absolutely no place for this in our community and we stand united calling for everyone to pull together and ensure that this goes no further.

Residents we have spoken to this morning have confirmed that De Beauvoir as a whole was quiet last night except for Kingsland Road and a very small number of isolated incidents elsewhere in the ward.

Please ensure your family members are safely off the streets this tonight as we all work to ensure there is no repeat this evening.

Thank you to the police and those from other emergency services who worked through the night. Thanks also to the Council's street cleaning team who have been hard at work cleaning the streets since early this morning.

Please contact the police if you see trouble forming or feel in immediate danger. If there is anything we as Councillors can do to help you or the area where you live please get in touch through the contact details on the left hand side of this blog.


Anonymous said...

Quiet. Except for the severe mugging in De Beauvoir Square on Monday night.

Tom said...

Yes, we're aware of this terrible incident and have spoken to the police who are currently investigating the incident and working to bring the thugs involved to justice.

If anyone has any information on it which they have not already provided to the police please contact the De Beauvoir Safer Neighbourhoods Team on 02071619236