Tuesday, 1 November 2011

On the removed posters for Friday's Hackney Debate...

A number of residents in the north of De Beauvoir have contacted us about the removal of posters for Friday night's Hackney Debate.

We contacted Council officers about this and this morning we've had the following apology through from Terry Edwards, the Borough Operations Manager for Waste Services:

"I can confirm that one of our sweepers did remove the posters as part of his cleansing duties. However this was a mistake on our part due to the sweeper trying to keep the area clean. I have spoken to the sweeper and the supervisor and clarified what is to be removed in the future. The Area Manager has also spoken to [De Beauvoir Association Secretary] Mr Paul Bolding and apologised and explained the situation."

So, it been confirmed that for the future - as they have been before - posters attached to private railings will be left alone by the street cleaning team.

For the present, hope to see you on Friday night at St Peter's Church!

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