Saturday, 31 March 2012

Brave New World on Hoxton Street

An ordinary shop at the southern end of De Beauvoir Ward is currently experiencing its very own Shakespearean tragedy as the venue for a six month reworking of the Tempest.

O Brave New World resides at 297 Hoxton Street and the former shop now operates as a bar, library, gallery and theatre.

Its first run of performances are based on Shakespeare's The Tempest in celebration of the famous story's 400th anniversary.  Over a six-month programme the production will focus on six distinctive perspectives and parts of the story, each told in a changing and immersive environment. Between visits you can keep up with characters at home with action-packed videos and online content.

The experience is the brainchild of RETZ, a theatre company who tells stories to their audiences using a number of challenging techniques using performances, film, installations and the web in order to immerse them in the narrative and encourage questioning and a deeper exploration of the story. This creation has been made possible by Hackney Council’s Art in Empty spaces project.

You can find out more here and also get updates on the project through facebook.

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