Monday, 12 March 2012

Why is De Beauvoir's Barclays bike station still closed?

Five days on from the opening of Hackney and Tower Hamlet's new Barclays bike stations and the station by De Beauvoir's Britannia leisure centre remains firmly closed.

Lacking both bikes and the computer 'tower' it looks like it will remain unusable for the foreseeable future.

We wrote to TfL earlier in the year asking for an opening date and received no response. We had assumed that the opening of the De Beauvoir station would be in line with the other new terminals - that was incorrect.

Whilst we would prefer TfL spent its money holding down bus and tube fares, they have chosen to allocate funds to the bike hire scheme. Therefore, off the back of our pressure, we welcome that they've chosen Hackney to put some of their new stands.

However its very disappointing that they can't deliver on opening the new stations on time. Today we've written to them again asking the reasons for the delay and for a confirmed opening date. We'll let you know once we receive a response.

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