Thursday, 31 May 2012

Crime in Hackney Continues to Fall

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The 2011/12 crime stats show that overall crime in Hackney has continued to fall. Although the overall drop in crime is 0.5%, there has been significant progress in some areas. Violent crime has dropped by 9%, with reductions in assault down 2.6%; GBH 22.2%; and offensive weapons 33.6 %. Residential burglary is down 2%, and burglary from business premises is down by 26.1 %. When compared to similar inner city London boroughs, Hackney saw the lowest volume and rate of burglary. In De Beauvoir overall crime dropped year on year by 10.2%.

However, there was a borough-wide rise in the levels of robbery of 13.6 %, and theft by 25.4 %. Bike theft also went up by 8.8 %. These increases are reflected across London as a whole, and have been attributed in part to an increase in the levels of unemployment and social deprivation in harsh economic times. When contrasted with similar London boroughs however, Hackney had a lower than average volume and rate of these types of crime.

The overall reduction in crime follows a steady decline over the last decade - there has
been a 30% drop in crime in ten years, meaning that there were almost 12,000 fewer victims of crime in 2011/12 compared to 2001/2.

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