Monday, 25 June 2012

First De Beauvoir Ward Forum 4th July

De Beauvoir’s new Ward Forum will meet for the first time on Wednesday 4 July at 7pm in Colville Community Hall on Colville Estate.

The new forums replace the old neighbourhood committee system focussing on local issues, and the new structure aims to increase the focus and relevance of these community meetings.

De Beauvoir ward's new forum will focus on ways councillors, residents, and other people and organisations in the local area can work together to improve the lives of people in the area.

The De Beauvoir Ward Forum will not be a typical Council meeting and does not seek to duplicate any of the existing work we do to address individual problems and casework issues. Instead we think it’s an exciting opportunity to bring people together to make a positive difference in the ward.

We will also be joined by a speaker from St Peter's De Beauvoir to discuss the exiting work they are doing to regenerate the community space in their Crypt.

We hope you can come along on 4th July, meet your neighbours and share your ideas for the things you would like to work together on to achieve in the local area.

Colville Community Hall address:
Colville Estate Community Hall
35 Branch Place
London N1 5PH

Forum agenda / items for discussion:

    • Identifying local issues in the ward – tell us what you think
    • Mapping our community – what’s going on in the ward
    • St Peter’s De Beauvoir Community Crypt – speaker from the project, and questions about future use

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