Sunday, 16 September 2012

Public Consultation - Hertford Road Cycle Accessibility

Hackney Council are proposing changes to the cycle access at the junction of Hertford Road and Stamford Road.

The proposals are:
  • Extending the existing kerb build out on the south eastern side of Stamford Road to create space for a dropped kerb for cyclists.
  • Extending the pavement on Hertford Road up to the existing bollard line to make better use of the currently redundant road space. A dropped kerb will be installed to allow cycle access onto the pavement. 
  • Refurbishing the pavements. 

The changes have been developed to improve cycle access without being intrusive.

The public consultation on these proposals is open until 21st September.
If you would like to contribute your views on the changes, all the details are available here.
The consultation document and questionnaire for return are here.

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