Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Grow and Eat Garden - volunteers needed

A new gardening project called Grow and Eat is starting on De Beauvoir estate.

Professional gardener Miranda Janatka has secured funding from the De Beauvoir's Community First Panel and a kind donation from the De Beauvoir Association to set up a community vegetable garden.

The project aims to provide a fun and educational experience growing (and eating!) their own food for young people aged between 11 and 17.

Young people will help to set up the garden, choose the vegetables or fruit to be grown, tend to the plants and eventually take the food home that they have produced.

The location of the new garden is behind Fermain Court East and building is set to begin next week. The first stage will be to build the planters to be filled with soil and compost and the garden needs volunteers.
If you can help to set up the planters and move the growing material from the kerbside when it is delivered you would be most welcome. No growing experience is needed as guidance will be provided.

For all details on this innovative community project please contact the project manager via email.

The garden location is at the Grow and Eat website, where further details and updates will be available.

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