Thursday, 31 January 2013

New Local Food Hygiene Ratings

Hackney Council have issued hygiene ratings for local restaurants, cafés, pubs, takeaways and schools and workplaces with canteens. Supermarkets and other food shops are also included in the ratings.

The ratings are to help people to choose where to eat out or shop for food.

Each business in the borough has been given a 'hygiene rating' following an inspection by a Hackney Council food safety officer. This rating shows how closely the business is meeting the requirements of food hygiene laws. These ratings are part of a new framework which has been introduced nationwide.

The inspection officer rates the business on how hygienically the food is handled, stored, cooked, re-heated, cooled and stored. The cleanliness, ventilation and layout of the premises is also taken into account, along with the management of records of what is done to keep food safe.

The ratings are:
0 - Urgent Improvement Necessary
1 - Major Improvement Necessary
2 - Improvement Necessary
3 - Generally Satisfactory
4 - Good
5 - Very Good

To find the rating of a local business, use the searchable database of premises on the Food Standards Agency website. There is also further details on the ratings scheme and list of frequently asked questions.

There is also, inevitably, a Mobile App available for download to check information on the move.
Android app.
Iphone app.

If you have a specific complaint about a local business you have visited which has not yet been given a rating please contact Hackney Council Service Centre on 020 8356 7200.

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