Monday, 9 September 2013

Hackney New School planning application - decision due this evening

Tonight Hackney New School's planning application will be presented to Hackney's planning committee.

As we've said previously on this blog, whilst we have no objections in principle to the use of this site as a school, we have significant concerns about the planning application that has been submitted. We will be speaking at the planning committee this evening to ensure that the planning committee are aware of our concerns.

The decision on whether or not to grant this application will be made by Hackney’s planning committee. None of the De Beauvoir Councillors sit on this committee. Planning is a quasi-judicial process and the councillors who do sit on planning committee have to make their decisions in line with local and national planning frameworks and national planning laws rather than any other consideration, political or otherwise (so, essentially, they have to act like magistrates / judges do in a court of law).

Therefore, any objections to this or any other application need to align their concerns to how the planning application contravenes these frameworks and laws, rather than any concern that does not fit within these frameworks, or the quantity of people objecting on any specific point.

We believe there a significant reasons for the planning committee to ask for the current application to be amended and we hope they listen to us and other residents this evening.

You can see two pictures of the proposed plans below, and the full planning application can be found here. The Hackney New School opened in the current Downham Road building last monday - you can find out more about the school on its website.

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