Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hackney Pirates Set Sail!

After three years docked here in De Beauvoir the Hackney Pirates are setting sail for a new berth.

The Pirates' after-school charity helps local young people to develop their literacy and creative skills by working on a variety of exciting and interesting creative projects.

Following a successful residency in the building which now houses the Hackney New School on Downham Road, the Pirates spent last Autumn/Winter in their 'beach hut' (an empty shop) on the De Beauvoir estate bringing their unique brand of colourful inspiration to the area.

It's been a pleasure hosting the Pirates in our neighbourhood for the past few years and we wish them well as they take up residence in their new HQ - The Ship Of Adventures in Dalston.

To find out more about the Hackney Pirates and their exciting new adventure hoist your sails and set your heading to the following links:


Now. Bring us that horizon!

Keep calm and play football!
The Hackney Pirates' Words of Wisdom display on De Beauvoir Estate

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