Thursday, 13 February 2014

Mole Man's House, Mortimer Road. Update.

Plans for the development of the former home of William Lyttle on 121 Mortimer Road have been outlined by the new owners.

Mr. Lyttle became know nationwide as the Hackney Mole Man following his extensive tunnelling beneath the house which led to a collapse of the pavement and road outside the property. He was rehoused in 2006 by Hackney Council and died in 2010.

The new owners have appointed David Adjaye Architects to design the new building which will retain much of the original structure.

One of the new owners Sue Webster, speaking to the DBA, said 'our intention is to keep as much of the original building as possible as we want to preserve the history of the Mole Man whilst adding a new layer for the future. We also plan to trace the existing print of the area dug out by William Lyttle in order to create a basement space'.

Scaffolding which had been removed by lawyers acting for Mr. Lyttle's heirs in order to save money has been re-erected. Ms. Webster added 'We have men currently working onsite clearing out the internal rubble and relics that have fallen inwards including the original roof and floorboards which have rotted due to being exposed'.

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