Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Canalival 2014

An unauthorised party event nicknamed Canalival took place last year in June on the Regents Canal on the eastern border of De Beauvoir.

The unorganised party created anti-social behaviour, litter and noise. The particular stretch where the event took place is home to many species of wildlife including the family of swans whose presence is a source of great pride to many local residents.

After the party goers had left, it took 12 hours for council contractors to clear up the five tonnes of rubbish left behind, which included broken glass and human excrement, from the towpath.

We are of course fully in favour of people enjoying the canal. However Canalival was an unsupervised and dangerous event which prevented everybody taking enjoyment by the waterway for two days.

Rumours have started to circulate on social media this week of another party being held on the canal this weekend. The Canal and River Trust, Hackney Council and Metropolitan Police Hackney have stated that any attempt to re-stage this event will not be tolerated.

Fences will be erected and dedicated Police patrols will be in place to prevent further wilful destruction of a valuable public resource.


vow renewal said...

Most recently, I attended a big cheesy event. This, I was super impressed with. Not crowded at all and excellent grilled cheese options. I'd go again if I had the money to spare.

Anonymous said...

How disappointing. I live on De Beauvoir Estate next to the canal and took my 5 year old son down there last year. Although we didn't actually get on the canal, it was great to see so many people coming together peacefully to enjoy themselves. There was a great spirit and everyone was really friendly.

We also popped down the following morning for an hour and had good fun helping tidy up, again with nice friendly people coming together to achieve something.