Sunday, 22 January 2017

Gardening trip with De Beauvoir Estate TRA & De Beauvoir Gardeners

by Councillor James Peters

Yesterday, I invited members of the De Beauvoir Estate tenants and residents' association (or the "TRA") and members of the De Beauvoir Gardeners to visit estate gardening projects in the east of Hackney.

The projects in question are in Clapton Park, in King's Park ward.

The Clapton Park estate is well know for its allotments, vegetable patches, fruit trees and, above all, the poppies that abound in even the smallest spaces across the three estates managed by the local tenants' management organisation.

What led to the visit was an initiative by the De Beauvoir estate TRA to start gardening on the estate, using money from its environmental improvement budget (or "EIB"):

The De Beauvoir Gardeners have been gardening in De Beauvoir for the last 40 years, although not necessarily on the estate.  With that wealth of knowledge and experience, I saw an opportunity for them to lend a hand to the TRA in getting the estate gardening projects up and running. You can find more about the De Beauvoir Gardeners here.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to get the TRA and the De Beauvoir gardeners together in Clapton Park to see things we can do in De Beauvoir.

One of the local councillors, Rebecca Rennison, kindly offered to show us around.  Here we all are:

It was both very sunny and very cold.  (That's Rebecca in the middle and my shadow in the foreground.)

Here are a few more photos of some of the things we saw:

Chairs and a green canopy to enjoy the fruits of the gardeners' labour.

A good example of a green roof, a fruit tree on the right and homes for bees on the side of the shed.

Brackets for hanging baskets, ready for when the weather's better.

Planters looking wintry but ready for new growth come the spring.

More planters, also awaiting warmer weather to spring into life.

Trees can also spruce the place up.

I hope that we all came away with ideas that can be transplanted to the De Beauvoir estate.  I also like to think that we may have started to form useful relationships between the TRA and the De Beauvoir Gardeners to help a gardening project like those shown here to flourish in De Beauvoir.


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