Sunday, 13 January 2013

Kingsland Fire Station threatened with closure

Mayor Boris Johnson's plans to reduce spending on the London Fire Brigade were announced on Friday. As expected one of the stations marked for closure is Kingsland Fire Station in De Beauvoir.

When the plans were leaked in November last year your Labour councillors immediately began their opposition to this change joined by Hackney South and Shoreditch MP Meg Hillier, Mayor of Hackney Jules Pipe and Greater London Assembly member Jennette Arnold along with Labour councillors from other Hackney wards.

Meg Hillier MP said 'Hackney residents rely on Kingsland Fire Station to keep them safe and secure. I am very concerned that a large part of central Hackney would be left without adequate cover in emergencies'.

Jules Pipe said 'the threat to close Kingsland Fire Station comes on top of unprecedented central government cuts to the funding received by Hackney Council. The cumulative effect is to make Hackney more vulnerable and less supported'.

Jennette Arnold said 'London Fire Brigade and their dedicated staff do a fantastic job. Join us in calling for Mayor Johnson to stand up for Londoners and get a better deal from central government'.

These plans for closure are now out for consultation and the final decision will be made at the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority meeting in June 2013.

Please join the campaign to save our local fire station by signing the online petition. You can download the petition to collect signatures from neighbours and friends, and also download a poster to put in your window.

For updates on the campaign please join our Facebook Group.

Meg Hiller MP, Mayor Jules Pipe and Jennette Arnold AM join De Beauvoir and Hackney councillors and Labour members to oppose the closure of Kingsland Fire Station.

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