Tuesday, 17 May 2011

De Beauvoir welcomes David Miliband

Former Shadow Foreign Secretary and Movement for Change founder David Milband MP visited Hackney last night as the guest of Meg Hillier MP and we were pleased to be able to host him in De Beauvoir.

Speaking at the An Viet restaurant on Englefield Road he congratulated Hackney's Councillors and Mayor Jules Pipe on the achievements of the Council over the past decade, in particular paying tribute to the role played in improving education in the borough.

He also touched on themes he thought would define political conversation over the coming years - including the economy, the environment, and globalisation - and talked about his plans for the future, including teaching citizenship at his old school, and his work to grow the Movement for Change. M4C is a London Citizens-style community organising organisation focused on allowing the Labour Party to connect with voters at a local level in places where the party doesn't have local councillors.

If you are on twitter you can follow David Miliband here - and recent arrival Meg Hillier can be found here where you can find tweets from her on being Hackney South's MP and shadow climate change secretary.

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