Thursday, 22 September 2011

Oktoberfest in Shoreditch Park

This weekend sees the arrival of London Oktoberfest in Shoreditch Park with the opening night being this evening. As you will have seen if you have been to the Park this week, the tent for the event has already been put in place (see below)

After starting this evening, the event will then continue through this weekend and - after taking a break during next week - go through next weekend as well finishing on Sunday October 2nd.

From the plans we have seen, the nature of the event and the capacity of the tent, we anticipate that Oktoberfest will cause disturbance those in the local area and have made clear to the Council our objections to the event.

If the event does cause you disturbance please call Hackney Council's noise and environmental pollution team on 020 8356 4455. They are open at the following times (and will answer messages left at other points):

  • Thursday: 8am - 2pm, 
  • Friday morning 8am - 5am Saturday morning,
  • Saturday: 9pm - 5am Sunday morning,
  • Sunday: 6:30pm - 2am Mon morning. 

They have assured us that they will also be attending the park this evening and over the weekend in order to undertake noise readings and ensure that the event adheres to its licence.

You can find full details of the Noise and Environmental Pollution team here.

We would also be happy to here from any residents and raise your concerns with the Council. Please contact us with the details on the left of this blog.


P said...

As a local resident I visited the event last night and I have to say that it's a wonderful thing. Yes, people do get drunk and they may be a little noisy. But for heaven's sake, it's Oktoberfest and it's a weekend! People who complain about cultural events like this, which make the area appear less uptight, snobby and boring, seriously need to loosen up a little and smile once in a while.

amanda - mawson court resident said...

i think it is unreasonable to let the park be used for a beer festival. The park is a scarce and precious resource that should be open to everyone to use - aren't there enough bars and pubs in shoreditch already without creating a new one in the park? (and i am not uptight, snobby or boring!)