Monday, 27 August 2012

Hackney Council Ward Boundary Changes - have your say

The excitingly named Local Government Boundary Commission has published proposals to change the boundaries of Hackney's local council wards.

These changes have been proposed as Hackney's population has increased significantly over the past decade and Hackney's wards - which are currently all represented by three councillors - now have a very significant gap between the ward with the highest and the ward with the lowest population. This gap is only predicted to grow further over the coming years.

The Commission have sought to put together a proposal that equalises the number of electors represented by each councillor (so that, in their words, "each vote is worth the same") whilst aiming to respect existing communities and identities within the borough. The overall number of councillors will remain the same.

The population growth that has been experienced in the south of Hackney means that additional council seats need to be placed with the area between Dalston and the borough's southern Shoreditch border. As a consquence of this, the Commission propose to change De Beauvoir from a three member ward into a two-member ward, with its southern boundary at the canal rather than at Hoxton Street / Shoreditch Park. This will allow for the creation of an additional two-member ward in the Hoxton area. The other boundaries of De Beauvoir ward (Balls Pond Road, Kingsland Road and Southgate Road) would remain unchanged.

The initial Council submission proposed retaining three member wards across the borough, combining De Beauvoir Estate with Colville, Whitmore, Hobbs Place and Arden Estates to form one ward, with north De Beauvoir combining with Dalston town centre to form another.

You can see the full proposals here and, if you want to, comment on the proposals by emailing

The consulatation ends on September 24th.

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