Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Remember to register to vote!

Every year there is an annual canvass to update Hackney's electoral register. You should have received a form through your door with a form to fill in. It is important to register to vote so you can take part in any elections that might take place in 2013. 

Not being registered to vote can also affect your credit rating as credit reference agencies often check against the register when you apply for a bank account, loan, mobile phone etc.Every household in Hackney must fully complete and return the Annual Household Registration form by the end of November 2012. 

When you receive the form:
  • If there are no changes to your details then please use the free telephone, text or internet service.
  • You must list all eligible residents living at your property.
  • Please ensure all forms are signed, dated and names are written clearly. Incomplete forms will be returned for amendments.
  • It will help us and help to minimise costs if the form is returned immediately, as a canvasser will not have to call to collect it.
For more details about the annual canvass click here.

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