Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hackney launches Play Streets scheme

Hackney has become the first London borough to introduce Temporary Play Street Orders (TPSOs) as a one-year pilot project.
TPSOs allow parents to apply to close their street for a few hours per week or month for children to play safely outside.

The scheme was initiated following an approach to the council by resident and mum of three Claudia Draper who said 'hopefully playing out in the street will now be a normal part of kids' lives as well as being something that brings the community closer together'.

Oldfied Road in Stoke Newington closed for the first time on 9th September allowing 70 children to play together and older residents to meet and chat.

Residents of play streets can still drive on closing days and are guided by volunteer stewards stationed at the ends of the street.

The scheme is open to any residential road where there is sufficient support for the idea.
If you wish to apply for a TPSO you will first need to consult with neighbours before submitting an application. Major routes or streets with a bus route are unlikely to be suitable.

To find out more about this innovative project contact Gavin Best at Hackney Council or call 020 8356 3023.

The scheme has the support of the Hackney Play Association who have more information on children's play in the borough on their website.

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Jim Cannon said...

The justification for road closures in De Beauvoir was so that the closed areas could be used by kids as play space and there would be less traffic in roads with a closure.
Then people complained about noise of kids.....