Thursday, 11 April 2013

RETZ's The Trial at the Rose Lipman Community Centre

The RETZ theatre company is performing the second part of it's production of The Trial in the Rose Lipman Community Centre building here is De Beauvoir throughout April.
The Trial is reworking of Franz Kafka's 1925 novel of the
same name.

The story is that of a year in the life of an innocent man arrested for unspecified crimes by an unnamed authority. The play's themes examine power and identity and how far we should go to protect them.

The first part of the production was staged in and around Shoreditch Town Hall and has so far received excellent reviews.

If you wish to see both parts of this production call to book tickets in April for perfomances after 6.20pm. You will then see the play in its entirety with an approximate 60-minute break between parts.

The play is a promenade performance which does not have seating and requires the audience to walk. There is no cloakroom facility so it is best not to bring large heavy bags along.

A £10 discount on admission is available from co-producers The Mill Project. Visit their site for details.

To book tickets go to the Barbican's secure website.

If you wish to read further details on RETZ and their work their website is here.

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