Thursday, 14 November 2013

Colville Estate regeneration - Phase 3 consultation event

A consultation event is being held next week to allow local residents to view and comment on the plans for Phase 3 of the Colville Estate Regeneration, made up of two taller residential buildings facing onto Shoreditch Park.

Karakusevic Carson Architects, David Chipperfield Architects and Vogt Landscape were selected as the winning team from a competition of award-winning architects earlier this year, and have been developing proposals for these two buildings which will help frame a new pedestrian link from Shoreditch Park to the new Colville neighbourhood.

The event will be held at Colville Estate Community Hall between 3 and 7.30 on Monday November 18th (the same location as our monthly Colville surgery). This exhibition is an opportunity to see the latest designs, talk to the architects and the London Borough of Hackney Regeneration Team, and give your views. The event is aimed at residents of Colville Estate and those who live nearby, but is also open to those in the surrounding area who have an interest in the scheme.


Anonymous said...

What a pile of typical planners' gobbledeygook you guys have swallowed! Why does a footpath need to be "framed" by anything, let alone a pair of monstrously tall buildings?
This is a shocking proposal and the hypocrisy of the local councillors in proposing it - after complaining about the Hackney Free School on the grounds of its size - is appalling.

De Beauvoir Councillors said...

Anonymous -

Thank you for your comments. Due to the lack of any central government funding, the regeneration of the Colville Estate is, and has to be, self funding - this is the same as other schemes in the borough that are working to provide desperately needed additional homes.

This self-funding approach means that the number of houses on Colville estate needs to increase in order to fund the building of 138 additional shared ownership homes and the replacement of 348 existing social rented homes. These two towers make this approach affordable and we believe the design is appropriate for the location, being right next to the large open space of Shoreditch Park. The design for the Colville Estate Regeneration has been produced in partnership with Colville Estate tenants and residents and this consultation day is one of a number that have been open to the wider community. Please do attend and ensure your views are heard.

If your comment is actually more focused on the Hackney Free School planning decision you can review the decision here

Anonymous said...

Hi, I went to the event but didn't find out much more than how wonderful the architects think their work is. It looks lovely, sure, but my block will remain in the midst of all the work and it's nearly time to renew my rental agreement - I need to understand what the conditions are going to be like round here while demolition and building is ongoing. Can you put me in touch with the right people to help please?

De Beauvoir Councillors said...

Anonymous - thanks for getting in touch. Please drop us a line on and we will ensure you are put in touch with the correct council officers to allow you to get answers to your concerns.